23 Jun

Beware the mosquito. The disease is not spread directly from dog to dog, rather transmission of heartworm requires an intermediate host: the mosquito, spread of the disease therefore coincides with the mosquito season


Adult heartworms in an infected dog produce microfilariae, which circulate in the the animal’s blood. When a mosquito bites that infected animal, it sucks out blood containing the microfilariae. After about 2 weeks in the mosquito, the microfilariae become infective larvae. This step is necessary for the transmission of heartworm, because when the mosquito bites a pet dog or cat, the infective larvae are transmitted.


Dogs infected with heartworms can live several years before manifesting any symptoms. Consequently, the disease is diagnosed mostly in 4 to 8 year old dogs, and is seldom identified in a dog under 1 year of age. This is because the young heartworms (larvae) take up to 7 months to mature following the initial infection.


Dogs are the main animals affected by heartworms, cats may be also affected. There are also reported cases in humans.

Signs of heartworm disease are:
– Coughing
– Exercise tolerance
– Coughing with blood
– Collapse
– Generalized swelling
– Sudden death


The three accepted methods of heartworm PREVENTION are the following:
– Oral medication taken monthly
– Topical preparation applied monthly
– Once a year injection


The recommended tests for heartworm detection in dogs are:
– Haemoconcentration test (Ohishi’s or Knott’s test)
– Antigen testing

Prevention is much cheaper and safer. Treatment may have side effects and is a relatively expensive process.

Which method are you using? Ask your vet.

12 Tips to be the BEST PET BUDDY

26 May

I really do believe that we, dog lovers, are born but being a responsible dog owner is a whole different story!


I’ve been in love with Dogs for as long as I can remember and I really can’t live in a house where there isn’t a single dog. I’ve been shown pictures of me playing with my Dad’s old German shepherd named Carco and his English Bulldog named Sweeney back when I was 3 years old. From then on, we’ve always had a pet dog in the house and the best thing for me was that they we’re never on a leash unless being taken for a walk. Of course, all I did then was to play with them every chance I could get and really thought that having a pet was that easy.


One day back when I was in high school, my dad brought home a Rottweiler pup home. He told me that it was mine and that it was now my responsibility to take care of the dog and make sure that the dog will have a happy life. I said sure, I can do that! I named him Wangbu (a colloquial term for the word “crazy”) as he liked to rip pillows apart for fun. Well, we destroyed a lot of pillows through the years. I really did spoil him. But then, after all the playing we did, I discovered that owning a dog was a big responsibility. They do need a lot more than playmates. With the help of my Vet, other pet owners and different learning materials, I learned a lot of things that I want to share with you.


  • Spend quality time with your pet everyday.MDCH 2
  • Give them a sense of security, confidence, and happiness.
  • Do not miss their check ups and vaccines.
  • If you see any indication that something is wrong with you pet, go to the vet.
  • Books! Read books about pet care and keep yourself informed.
  • Be sensitive of your pet’s feelings and emotions. They like HUGS too!
  • What is your pet’s breed like? Research! If they like to run, let them run. DO NOT let them live a boring life.
  • Teach them to behave, but always act lovingly. DO NOT hurt your pets. Yes, a little firm pat is ok. Come on, you know what hurt means!
  • Thank you God for grooming salons! If you can’t handle making your pet look clean and tidy, ask your vet about this service.
  • Always clean and bathe them proudly.
  • If your pets stay inside the house with you, make it safe for them. Do not leave small things they can swallow lying on the floor or keep sharp objects that can hurt them somewhere they cannot reach.
  • Feed them a healthy diet. When in hot temperatures, always make sure that they have access to water.
  • Let your pet be themselves. Learn their natural environment and way of life and find ways to bring it into your pet’s life with you.

Thanks to the guidance of my vet and fellow dog owners, Wangbu was able to have a very enjoyable time while he was with me. That is my goal, to share different experiences and information with you, loving dog owners and those who are planning on giving a dog a great life by either adopting or purchasing a pet dog.


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Thank you, and have fun with your pets!



26 May




Find a reputable kennel, read online reviews and ask friends or a vet for recommendations. But before you settle on one, check it out in person. Make sure cages and dog runs are clean, dry, well-lit, and secure.


The facility should require proof of vaccination and that all dogs be on flea and tick preventives.


Make sure that they have an in-house veterinarian that will check your pet regularly. As ongoing medication, the in-house veterinarian will continue to administer it. Just give complete instruction.

Make an early reservation.



13 May


Makati Dog and Cat Hospital1
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1. Brushing removes dead hair from the coat before it mats and stimulates the skin. Using the proper brush stroke is very important and productive.

2. Baby powder – Before brushing a long-haired dog or cat, sprinkle Baby Powder into her coat, rub it in, and then brush it off immediately. The powder helps the brush glide through the hairs and prevents matting.

3. White vinegar – to give your dog or cat a shiny coat, mix three ounces white vinegar and twelve ounces water in a sixteen – ounce trigger – spray bottle and mist the solution on your dog.

4. Baby wipes – wipe down your pet daily with some hypoallergenic, fragrance free baby wiper to lessen dander

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